When it comes to agribusiness, we have you covered

Our various departments allow us to take a multi-faceted approach to global agribusiness needs.

We specialize in agribusiness – logistics, IT, custom products and consulting solutions!

  • We want to help our customers protect their assets and secure their investments – it is with this in mind we introduced our healthcare division. Artevet provides different plans and coverages based on the region, to help insure large farms and breeds. We want to help cover against external risks such as weather and power failures.

  • Our team of skilled professionals are modernizing traditional farming techniques with the introduction of IT in agribusiness. We are always looking to develop and implement new solutions to optimize productivity and maximize yield. By combining best practices with advanced systems and data we are able to help farmers world over increase their yield. Advances in cloud based computing, data mining, and access to the internet have allowed us to develop advanced models and programs.

  • Artevet already boasts an extensive network of personnel and logistic hubs around the world bringing farms closer than ever before. We are able to take advantage of our distribution chain to offer customized solutions and services such as a cold chain even in the most rural parts of a developing nation where we operate to international bio-cargo solutions.

  • Our presence and relationship with farmers around the world has allowed us to foster partnerships and agreements to harness energy in creative and cost-effective ways. Our solutions are designed to be mutually beneficial while promoting a greener world. Artevet is constantly adapting new technologies in this sector with projects ranging from wind energy to solar.