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Manage your poultry on the go!

Effective way to observe and analyze your farm and flock.

Powerful Features

Artevet was designed to improve flock management

Easy to use

Plug in a few basic numbers and let the app do all the calculations!

Reporting made easy

Simple comparative analysis to view trends and anomalies for your flocks

Maintaining books to fill in your numbers?

Manually calculating your FCR or productivity? Tired of using complicated spreadsheets? Go mobile to have automated reports with the help of just a few clicks. View production data as easy to read graphs and get current insights on your farm’s status at any point.

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Access your flock data and monitor your farm on the go!

Share this information with your peers, colleagues, advisors and nutritionists. Use this data to improve your production and efficiency.

Download the App now!

Best of all! Free to use!

The Artevet app is designed to allow better flock management and remote access and control over your farm using your smartphone – available on iPhone on Android.